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An Artist A Day, 4/16/13: Amy Brodie, graphite

Thanks to Addie Boswell for writing today’s post. Amy Brodie‚Äôs pencil drawings of small objects are highly intricate, and she can work on one for many days. (Drawing in the window today at Muse Art and Design was a treat … Continue reading

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An Artist A Day, 4/5/13: Boz Schurr, graphite and colored pencil

At a glance, Boz’s intricate style of carefully shaded values and deliberately placed colors might be perceived as decorative and almost whimsical. The contrasting values, rainbow colors, and interlocked shapes clearly suggest something prismatic made up of many parts. Viewers … Continue reading

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pencils: pencil grades

Whether doing a quick sketch or study or rendering a finished piece, the sort of pencil you need depends on its hardness. Harder pencils (sometimes called drafting pencils) make a lighter line and are better for sharp lines and defined … Continue reading

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